Somerville House is proud to announce the Student Executive Team for 2015:


 School Captain: Lauren
Vice Captains: Sophie and Anna
Boarding Captains:  Amelia and Grace
Middle School Co-Captains: Frances and Chloe
Junior School Co-Captains: Charlotte and Grace


From the 2015 School Captains:

School Captain Lauren K and Vice Captains Sophie M and Anna W began their Somerville House education in primary school and today they stand together as leaders in their graduating year.
While each has led her own journey at Somerville House, Lauren, Sophie and Anna are bound together by a few common traits. Each one has excelled in sports; each has immersed herself in school and community activities and each has a strong desire to do her best in all pursuits.
For Sophie, a defining moment of her Somerville House education was working in the villages in Kiribati with the school alongside the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation. “This trip taught me how vital it is as a blessed woman of the future to continue to strive for positive change and to support those around us,” she said.
Anna is a firm advocate for self-belief and positivity. “I believe that if you set your mind to a goal, are determined and have a team to support you, it is possible to do anything,” she says. “In the future I hope to be a leader in my chosen field. I would like to work in a role where I make a difference.”
A speech given recently by Ben Roberts-Smith VC has given Lauren inspiration for her final year. “He spoke about the importance of not just physical courage but moral courage,” says Lauren. “His words have inspired me to try and approach this year with this mindset.”
For her tertiary education, Lauren is considering studying medicine. Sophie has a desire to pursue the creative arts and drama and Anna is interested in law, commerce or occupational therapy. Regardless of their direction, they will no doubt excel in their chosen field.