Philosophy and Vision

The approach adopted at Somerville House acknowledges the Christian beliefs. Respect, integrity and inclusiveness drive the School’s behaviours, exemplified through our School motto, Honour Before Honours. 

As part of the PMSA family of schools, our endeavours are underpinned by strong Christian values, which include:


Founded on God’s relationship with us – through love, justice, compassion and forgiveness.


Focussing on integrity, seeking the truth, right thinking and right action.


Encouraging all to fulfil their potential.


Providing a safe environment for growth and development that respects self and the needs of others.

Personal Development

Enabling growth, resilience, learning from mistakes and successes, continuous improvement and self-management.


Recognising and celebrating the achievements of students, staff and the School’s wider community.

Our vision is to remain an exemplary school and a leader in education.  The School continually invests in learning excellence, building capacity and proactively engaging with the community. This focus is underpinned by four strategic priorities which set the direction across all operations of the School: 

  • Striving for academic success 
  • Sustaining personal growth
  • Supporting service learning 
  • Serving as responsible custodians.  

At Somerville House, we encourage our students to liberate their imaginations, embrace creativity and to value learning as a life-long, enriching undertaking.  We seek to cultivate and extend student abilities within a disciplined environment and recognise each learner as an individual and encourage them to produce their best in all circumstances. In this context, pursuing excellence is acknowledged  as a primary goal for all. 

We acknowledge that parents hold the primary responsibility for a child’s education, with the School, teaching and corporate staff playing an active, supportive role. Ideally, the outcome will be a compatible and collaborative venture between home and School through which each student is nurtured towards the fulfilment of their true potential.